Birthday Parties & Special Events




Have a birthday party coming up or looking to host your own special event? The Nexus of Guardian Art offers full use of its facilities and professionally trained staff for any type of occasion. Whether you are looking for self defense training, exclusive open gym, sword fighting, or parkour / freerunning training, our facilities and staff offer options for all your needs.


Birthday Parties

Celebrate your child's special day with full use of our training area and equipment. Families can rent the gym for an exclusive "open-gym" experience with staff supervision and guidance. As well as the option to include a fully structured class taught by our instructors.

Feel free to bring cake, food, candy, and even a piñata! Just pick a date, and we'll help create an experience your child won't forget. Our goal is to make sure everyone has a blast!


Special Events

Whether it be for a corporate event, boy scout outing, or even just a group of friends looking for personal and exclusive training. Our facilities and instructors are available for a variety of uses at any level or ability.

- Freerunning / Parkour Seminars

- Acrobatics / Tumbling Seminars

- Sword Fighting Seminars

     - Motion Picture and Film Production

- Self Defense Seminars

- Grappling Seminars

- and more!

Get hands on training tailored specifically to the needs and desires of your group.

Setup your own event or seminar by contacting us!


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