Ages 8-12 program

Real Life Video Game

All kids have a super hero they pretend to be like. Guardian Art kids don’t have to pretend. In this program, kids learn Guardian Art self-defense strikes and grappling while using their Guardian Art parkour and acrobatics training to move and fight like a ninja. And with hero training comes a hero culture, where they learn honor, respect, and consideration for others. This is what makes Guardian Art a specialty program.

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Obstacle Course Training

Kids learn to climb towers, fly across gaps, and move swiftly over objects like any ordinary super hero.

Self-Defense for Non-Ideal Conditions

Kids get to train the jedi version of MMA.  Fight on top of buildings, tied up, and even blind folded like in the picture above.  Guardian Art takes grappling and striking into dimensions other arts have yet dared to enter. 


Kids will learn to move like their favorite super hero with flips, spins, and creative movement.

Weapon Training

In more advanced levels, kids begin to incorporate weapons such as swords and bow and arrows into their training.


Discipline and Focus

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Start by trying out to see if Guardian Art is the right fit. You’ll get to tour our facility and break a sweat learning to move like a Jedi. Proceeds from your registration will go towards protecting the environment. We want to begin your hero training by helping the world.


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Bay Area, Ca  •  Birch Island, ON


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Non-members should only visit during open gym or by trying out.
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$94.99/mo (6 months)
$79.99/mo (12 months)
1 class/week
1 open floor/week
Summer camp discounts
Studio rental discounts
Free training shirt
Basic Plus
$114.99/mo (6 months)
$99.99/mo (12 months)
1 class/week
Unlimited open floors/week
Summer camp discounts
Studio rental discounts
Free training shirt
$164.99/mo (6 months)
$144.99/mo (12 months)
Unlimited classes/week
Unlimited open floors/week
Summer camp discounts
Studio rental discounts
Free training shirt
$20 off 2nd family member
$40 off each additional family member after



College students/young workers (ages 16-27) get 25% off any 12 month contract!
Ask about our friends and family discount!

Save up to $25 when you buy a 10-day public open floor pass ($75).


Prices, details, and terms may vary according to location.