Teens and Adult Sword Fighting, Kendo, Kemdo, Fencing Class


At the Nexus of Guardian Art, we have another unique and evolutionary Neo-Fighting course that specializes in sword fighting. Just as in the other Neo-Fighting courses, students will discover for themselves what is practical and not practical when fighting with a sword. This course has no traditional backgrounds from any form of sword play such as kendo, kumdo, or fencing. As a matter of fact, the end result of this course takes one beyond becoming an expert with the sword…you will be able to apply what you learn to any other tool you want to use.

Practical Sword Fighting Lessons in Kendo, Kumdo, or Fencing

For training purposes, we practice with a tool called a “shinai,” which is a wooden representation of a sword.  During our sparring sessions, we simulate raw conditions as closely as possible to enable us to fully experience the practical application of this tool, meanwhile always stressing the importance of safety and control.

Evolutionary Sword Fighting Class in Fremont

Our approach has begun to affect how people view and practice sword fighting worldwide as reflected by diverse groups who post similar methods of sword training videos online.  


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