Teen & Adult Neo-Fighting Classes Bay AreaOur self-defense and MMA training method is very different than what one might see at an ordinary self defense or MMA training gym. In other forms of training students are taught specific forms of kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, etc. Here we provide our students with a foundation of knowledge then encourage them to discover what is practical and realistic for them in real self defense situations. 

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The following simulations are included in the training:

  • Sensory Deprevation Sparring
  • Rumble Simulations
  • Elevated Platform Fighting
  • And more real life scenarios.








We believe and know from years of experience that each student is different in mind and body. Traditional self-defense and MMA training techniques that focus on mimicking exact movemnts may not be practical or effective for everyone. What works for a 6'5 200 lbs man may not be as effective for a 5'3 110 lbs woman. What we have developed over time and through experience is not a typical MMA training regiment. Our Neo-Fighting course is designed to embrace differences and allow the individual to discover what is most effective for them. In our class you will gradually grow into forming your own unique style of self-defense and reach your highest level of effectiveness. 



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