Free Running, Parkour & Acrobatics ClassEvery Year there are more and more gyms offering kids parkour training, freerunning, or gymnastics classes and martial arts schools offering self defense classes. We are the only school to offer all of those art forms under one roof with a philosophy we call Guardian Art. Through our positive teaching style your child will learn efficient, precise, and acrobatic body movements. All of these movements can be applied to excel in kids parkour training, gymnastics, freerunning and multi-discipline self defense techniques.

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All YOUNGLINGS COURSES have the following elements:





Physical Self Defense courses teaching MMA, Kickboxing, Muy Thai, & Acrobatics


Our kids self defense and kids MMA training portion of the class, what we refer to as Neo-Fighting, uses positive reinforcement and detailed instruction to teach each child how to defend themselves against unwanted threats. Using practical, tested, and effective self defense techniques your child will be able to skillfully defend themselves against any danger. We don't believe in limiting ourselves or our students to just one discipline, so we've tailored our MMA training and self defense course to provide each child a foundation of multi-discipline self defense techniques. This aproach enhances the childrens understanding of the defense techiniques and allows each child the ability to adapt to every self defense situation. In this class your child will learn:

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Taekwondo, and more.

Verbal Self Defense


Strong and confident communication is an often under appreciated aspect of self defense. We teach our students various verbal commands and have them practice expressing them firmly and confidently. These verbal commands and their expressions not only help in self defense situations but also help develop leadership skills, confidence, and public speaking skills. All of which are valuable for real world developement.

Become Stronger and More Coordinated


In our kids Neo-Running class, your child will learn efficient and precise body movements that can be applied to excel in kids Parkour Training, the body control and acrobatic skills that translate well into Freerunning, and the mindset needed to Neo-Run at their full potential. With our upbeat and positive teaching philosophy we allow your child to progress and grow at their own pace. Our Neo-Running curriculum is specifically tailored to the age, understanding, fitness level, and ability of each child. 


Kids Neo-Running and Neo-Fighting.

Kids Neo-Running and Neo-Fighting.


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