Our Nexuses are great places to have fun, active, and special events. From ninja warrior themed birthday parties and obstacle course team building corporate events to performance and movie stunt choreography, our staff is skilled in many areas to help you create an unforgettable event.  View the pricing below and reserve a date. FAQs//Terms & Policies

8 hours of studio rental
Up to 50 people (ages 5+)
3 hours of filming
10 minute edited video
Food allowed
Airbag included
Airtracks included
100 min studio rental
45 min of instruction & games
Up to 10 participants (ages 4+)
Up to 20 spectators
Food allowed
Airbag included
Airtracks included
Each additional participant is $20. (max is 15 total)
$75 for each additional 30 min studio rental
3 hour studio rental
60 min of instruction & games
Up to 20 participants (ages 4+).
Up to 40 spectators
Food allowed
Airbag included
Airtracks included
Each additional participant is $20. (max is 30 total)
$75 for each additional 30 min studio rental
4 hour studio rental
80 min of instruction & games
Up to 35 participants (ages 4+).
Up to 50 spectators
Food allowed
Airbag included
Airtracks included
Each additional participant is $20. (max is 40 total)
$75 for each additional 30 min studio rental

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of themes do you offer?
We can do almost any theme involving obstacle courses, self defense, or sword fighting. Our most popular themes at the moment involve obstacle courses, and many have come to us to host their American Ninja Warrior, Lego Ninjago, Ninja Turtle, parkour, Star Wars Jedi, DC/Marvel super hero, etc. themed bday parties. We also specialize in combat arts, and so we have hosted women’s self defense workshops, grappling workshops, and even sword fighting birthday parties.

Can you do any team building workshops?
Yes! Our team building workshops are unique, and we have had a lot of positive feedback from multiple companies/organizations. We have created a large variety of games that require physical and mental teamwork, where strong communication is required. The level of physicality can be adjusted for each group.

What happens during the instruction & games portion?
It depends on the theme. For obstacle course types of themes, we normally begin by warming up and teaching the participants some obstacle course techniques such as climbing, jumping, and landing safely. Afterwards, we put them through courses that are catered to the average age of the group. The goal is to make these courses challenging yet doable. For other themes, please contact us for those details.

What happens during the rest of the studio rental time?
The rest of the time is open for free play activities and eating. Usually after the instruction, the participants want to redo some of the courses, play on some of our equipment like the airbag and airtracks, or build their own courses/games. Then they eat (the kids usually only eat for 15 minutes), and play again with the remaining time, while others clean up.

Do you have the same obstacles as American Ninja Warrior (ANW)?
We do not, and for most parties, that is a good thing. The courses on ANW are for elite professional athletes, and most people would not have a fun time doing them since they would probably fail within the first second. We do have similar aspects to some of the courses seen on the show, which we have scaled down in difficulty so that it is more suitable for the average kid, teen, or adult. In our experience, the right level of challenge brings out the most joy… not too easy… not too hard.

Can I bring food?
You can bring food (no drugs/alcohol). You must also provide your own utensils, napkins, plates, etc. We do expect you to be able to clean up the food after yourselves by the end of the party. There is $100 clean up fee for any liquid, food, waste, or trash mess that is left.

Do you sell food?

Do you have tables and chairs?
We have about two tables (each about 6 ft long) and about 10 chairs and some couches. This is normally enough for standard size parties since most of them do it buffet style. Also, usually kids and adults eat at separate times so the chairs/couches are not all occupied at once. You are free to bring extra chairs/tables.

Do you decorate?
No. You will have to decorate yourself. We allow people to come 30 minutes early to set up. Clean up must finish by the end of the rental time.

Do you have a fridge?
Yes. We have a standard size fridge and freezer that you can use.

What days do you have available?
We can do Saturdays @ 3:45pm and weekdays as long as the party ends before 3pm.

Where can I fill out a waiver?

What kind of attire should be worn?
We have the students train barefoot on the floor to help keep it clean. Socks often make the floor and obstacles slippery. Since the activities involve a wide range of movement, it is recommended for participants to wear athletic clothing such as shorts and a t-shirt.

Can spectators be on the floor?
Absolutely! Just make sure you take off your shoes. Feel free to film and take pictures. If you plan on climbing up on some of our towers to get better views, please make sure to fill out the waiver.

What can kids under 4 years old do?
They are probably too young to do the instructional part of the event and will be considered a spectator. However, during the free play times, they can be on the floor and play on our equipment as long as there is adult supervision. There should be at least 1 adult closely supervising for each kid under 4 years old, since it is not safe for 1 adult to supervise more than 1 toddler at a time in our facility.

Can I just drop my kids off and leave?
The amount of supervision needed beyond the staff is based on the size and age of the kids. For kids ages 4-7, there should be 1 adult for every 4 kids. For kids 8-12, there should be 1 adult for every 7 kids. For ages 13+, they should be fine unless you know your kids need your supervision.