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Made of Dreams

Guardian Art is a fighting art that is made from dreams of being ninjas, Jedi, and action heroes that protect the world, and it continues to evolve from those inspirations. When people enroll in martial arts schools, it often does not meet the expectations they hoped for. They learn fighting techniques, but they’re not taught to flip, climb, and fluidly do parkour across obstacles courses like in their dreams. The closest option for most people was to also take separate gymnastics or acrobatics classes, but it's not the same. Guardian Art awakens those dreams. Try out to see if this is your dream.

Obstacle Course Training

Parkour & Ninja Warrior fans will love learning how to climb towers, fly across gaps, and move swiftly over objects. (Ages 3+)


Begin to move like your favorite super hero with flips, spins, and creative movement. (Ages 5+)


We take striking and grappling to a different dimension from MMA by fusing it with acrobatics and obstacle courses. (Ages 7+)

Sword Fighting

Calling all aspiring Jedi or Ninjas, we wield the sword in a very sacred way…fighting and moving with it through obstacles. (Ages 13+)

Kids Classes: Nurturing Nature

Kids naturally play by jumping, climbing, and pretending to be super heroes. So not only do kids love Guardian Art, parents love it because their kids learn how to do all those things in a safer manner and in a safer environment. You can only imagine how eyes light up when kids enter our Nexuses. Have your kids try out today!

Teen Classes: Evolution

It is through trials and tribulations that you evolve into the better you.  Whether it's learning a parkour move or having a fist thrown at you, you will face fear and you will learn to overcome it.  Try out to begin. 

Adult Classes: Making Smarter Moves

As we get older, we begin to blame age for our physical decline.  Truth is, no matter what age you are, your body will decline as long as you don't use it.  Guardian Art will not only help you stay fit, but you can offset that aging decline by learning smarter and more efficient ways to move your body.  We'll start you at a level you can handle and build from there.  So no... you are not too old to join.  Register to try out today!

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Start by trying out to see if Guardian Art is the right fit. You’ll get to tour our facility and break a sweat learning to move like a Jedi. Proceeds from your registration will go towards protecting the environment. We want to begin your hero training by helping the world.


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