There are more and more freerunning & parkour gyms built every year. However, there are still very few schools that allow one to also train fighting arts such as BJJ, MMA, and kickboxing. And at the moment, even more rare are schools that also teach the art of the hero, Guardian Art. Each Nexus of Guardian Art is a gem in its own right… not because there are few, but because the equipment within each Nexus allows you to train so many things.

Because we were one of the first to open such a facility, we were able to experience many trials and errors in locations such as San Jose and Milpitas located in the California Bay Area. If you ever get a chance to visit a Nexus of Guardian Art, you will see that it was built with the learner in mind. Many of the moves practiced in gymnastics, freerunning, & parkour can be very scary for most people. That is why unlike the typical freerunning & parkour gym, the towers and objects we custom built is padded to improve safety and ease the practitioner's mind. Due to our uniqueness and effectiveness, we have been involved in providing our expertise in the stunt industry to go along with parkour, freerunning, tricking, and MMA.



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